So Proud

NZ Musician has just released its 21 years birthday issue and on page 17 it lists the Proud Compilation as one of the 21 Inspired and Inspirational Kiwi Albums.Released in 1994 this album introduced an awareness of the possibilities of South Pacific flavoured music.Its laced with names like  Sani Sagala, Herman Loto,Neil Nili,Pauly Fuemana and Mii Rongo (Taokia) all unknowns at the time.We know them today as Dei Hamo,Erhmen,Cydel,OMC and Baisplaya.This brought back memories for me goin to uptown studios to record with Alan Jansen and doin some crazy stuff.....and Im humbled to be a part of the 21 Inspired and Inspirational Kiwi Albums.Thanks NZM