Rootsville is comin' ready to groove....the house

I've known Dee and Pele from Cydel for a long time of only a select few that have actually known these boys since back in the day.....broken bread with them..before the 3bchill...before the iconic Proud tour...before Groovehouse, before all of it..names like Laan, GFes, X, Di-Na-Ve, Siavani,Radio Back Stab,OMAC,Uala mean something only to us and to be honest with you all...nothing has really changed..they are still the music driven, family orientated, humble musos that I call my friends.They're the ones who gave me the name Bais...yea..theres been a few after me....but Im the first.

Being this close to them allows me some Dee says..we have a different, special relationship.The best perk is that I get to listen to all the music before anyone else..yep...I get the the exclusives..for years...and sometimes...I even get to play on their music.
Dee called me up a few months ago to come into the Village and have a listen to a track.We ended up smashing out a bassline for a reggae track after a few minutes.He told me the albums gonna be called 'Rootsville'.
Little did I know that this would be Pele's solo album.All reggae....all Pele...all for you.
The album is due for release Dec 11...the first single is Friendliness...a song originally written for kids but has a positive message anyone can relate to and grooves go and hassle all the radio stations...dont worry...Cydel is not breakin up...just...evolving.Rootsville Album Release Party will be on the 11th Dec at the Republic Bar Westfield Manukau City at 10pm...Free heard right...FREE
So please come up and show some love for this incredible Otara musician because he deserves it..and I guarantee you will not be disappointed..