Its probably too late but.........Pele is right

My man Pele from Cydel writes a blog on his bebo.
This entry is old but he definitely speaks for most South Aucklanders.

Its titled Super City is a Scam

 Heres the meat of it

1.The Auckland Region only have one thing in Mind to rule n reign.

2.Manukau is the fastest Growing City in the History of New Zealand and no doubt in the next decade would have surpassed dear old Auckland in terms of social developement and our inovative and economic Growth in Businesses we Happen to have the Largest Polynesian population in the world!! that has the potential to generate Billions in terms of tourism (in the near future) something Auckland are well aware of.

3.Manukau still own its shares in Our National Airport worth Millions!! Auckland sold theres hmm

4.Manukau have sufficiant strategic plans that subsidises costs where families of Manukau can utilise Council owned outlets for free or next to nothing costs e.g pools,rec gyms,hireage on buildings,holiday programmes,
AKL charge...e.g 6bucks to go to the local POOLS!! hmmm

5.they use the recession as the fear factor when South Auckland has been in a Recession from the Start were use to these conditions man!! im from South AK grew up here and still made it in life living here!! soon as we get a decent Mayor and things are looking bright for Manukau and now National and there republican puppets from AKL CITY want to control us we the people of Manukau have the power to lift someone out of the gutter thats the power of love,serving,giving,and hope something from our strong spiritual cultural backrounds that causes a REPOSITION OVER a recession we appreciate the small things in life and simple stuff thats why we can maintain in the Hard times and are survivers in this Prejudice and judgemental society i encourage all those who care about there children nephews and nieces dont lose what we have which will benefit us no one cares about you but your loved ones Manukau is a BIG VILLAGE we support one another and those who turn a blind eye with ingorance in time this will effect you too Super City is A scam that will Rip the core of the less fortunate like a get rich quick scheme.

I have to say,I really thought I was the only one who thought this.........hes right what recession
Read his blog here